Digital Wallet - Merchant to Customer

A perfect white label e-wallet platform for requesting payments from customers digitally. Simple to utilize the invoicing dashboard to raise mass invoices and acknowledge payments from clients with a solitary snap.

Accept E-wallet Payment

Our White Label Mobile Wallet ePOS software allows merchants to accept payments easily from the digital wallets to the physical world. It requires not more than your smartphone or iPad to run; It's faster and fairer for your business.


E-wallet Sales Report

Our E-wallet application provides the complete transaction details of the merchant to customer that happened via mobile wallet application. This helps you to monitor the transaction activities, payment segregations and a complete money flow of your business.


E-wallet for Events

While booking the tickets for the event posted by the merchant in the digital payment system, an e-wallet QR Code gets generated which contains all the details of the customer who has booked the ticket. E-wallet merchants can verify the customer details using the QR Code and by the generated ID.


E-wallet Dashboard

A Powerful e-wallet dashboard to display merchant's sales statistics, recent customer purchase list, recent transactions list, recharged coins, reduced coins, total customers, and the total sales.


Digital Wallet Transaction History

Here, the transaction details of the payments obtained by the merchant from the admin via digital wallet application, and the transaction history of the received payments sent to the customer by the merchant get listed.


E-wallet for Top-up

Seller can Top-up for the customer mobile through the digital wallet platform by providing the mobile number. The amount gets debited for recharge, from the seller’s account balance.


Digital Wallet - Merchant App


Digital Wallet App for Invoice

Invoice is used to show the complete summary of the number of sales, status commission and the invoice period between the merchant and the customers transaction in a very detailed manner.


E-wallet service for customers

Here, the customers who have done any transactions through the digital wallet app with the merchant gets listed. They can view the complete transactions of that customer.


Mobile wallet app for scan

QR Code scanner is used to scan the barcode generated by the merchant to the customer for money transfer to the merchant account via digital wallet, for the items purchased from the merchant.

Digital Wallet - Merchant Panel


E-wallet to Generate QR Code

Merchants can receive amount from the customer through the QR Code via E-wallet. The merchant generates the code by providing amount and its description.Then the customer can scan the QR Code and transfer money.


Digital Wallet Profile

The complete customization and management of the merchant’s profile details which includes store details, password, PIN, API access key on the digital wallet profile page.


E-wallet Application Sales

A list of digital wallet transactions happens between the customer and the merchant will be listed here. The merchant can filter the data based on week, months, and also by using the date picker to view the sales report.


Ewallet Solution for Customers

Here, the customers who have made any transactions with the merchant via digital payment system get listed, and also they can view the complete transaction details of the respective customer.


Digital Wallet App Feeds

Merchant can create their feeds via digital e-wallet app that gets displayed to customers feed section once the transaction happens between the respective merchant and customer.


E-wallet for Events

Merchants can create the events via the e-wallet application by providing the necessary event details which get displayed for the customers who have done any transaction with the merchants.

Withdraw money

E-wallet App for Settlements

Merchants can withdraw money from the e-wallet to their bank account. Once the admin changes the status from pending to completed, it gets credited to the merchant bank account by 7 working days.

Sub Merchant

E-wallet for Sub Merchant

A List of Sub-merchants added by the merchant via digital wallet app gets displayed. Merchants can change the status of sub-admin to active/de-active and lends permission to the sub-users.


E-wallet for Agents

Merchant can also become an agent via digital payment system. Once becoming an agent they could recharge their account from the admin and make top up for the customers.