Developer Friendly API To Integrate

Good practices are provided for making your API friendly to integrate and appealing to developers, encouraging growth and development for your platform.

Honest. Simple. Reliable.
Just integrate our SDKs into your app library & join our server-side utilities and you are good to go.

Easy Integration

Integration is straightforward and fast. All you need is a mobile number and a bank account.


Dedicated support

We provide an outsourced support service in which the assigned team works exclusively for you after installation


Highly Customizable

Our themes are highly customizable, user- friendly and allow you to edit, change, add or remove any elements

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Payment Solutions For Online Business

Allow your customers to pay using their Rpay Wallet, simple and high secured payment solution.

Sign Up In Minutes

Get your account setup within minutes with nominal information. Our process is intended to provide you entire online on boarding experience without the need of physical credentials.


Multiple Languages

R Pay breaks down the language barriers with built-in language studio that our API will work in multiple user-specific languages.


Seamless checkout

Easy one step checkout that help customers to pay rapidly with more suitable features to drive more sales and revenue.


Rest API and SDK’s

We provide Rest API and SDKs for integrating apps. The SDK will call the essential APIs and makes integration process simple.


Developer Friendly

No setup charges and no yearly upkeep cost with simple API's. Our frictionless payment stream guarantees most astounding transaction success rates.


Dedicated Support

We are ready to offer 24/7 support. We provide technical assistance from our team at anytime. The support team can be reached on any day/ time of the week

Businesses loves Rpay

Your dealing at one place. Rapidly get a snap of your business and take instant action.
"I am Proud to be a part of Rpay. It is one of the best payment solutions. It is an awesome wallet that helps me to do transaction in seconds"

Mohan Paul


Know about Developer API

High-quality API entices developers to build on application in innovative ways. Our API helps developers to achieve goals on behalf of end users.