Digital Wallet – Peer to peer

With the customer e-wallet app, one can transfer money, recharge, book tickets, pay bills, request money, share money with your friends, or notify them with a reminder to pay back directly from the smartphone,.

Send Money through E-wallet

Send money from one registered e-wallet customer to another by providing the corresponding e-wallet customer’s mobile number and the respective amount to be sent.


Top-up digital wallet Money

Customers can top up their digital payment system from multiple payment options like credit/debit card, net banking, and etc... Enter the amount that you want to add and click add money to credit the amount in e-wallet.


Request / Receive Money from E-wallet App

Customers can request money from their peers who are associated with the digital wallet solution by providing their corresponding mobile number and its amount.


Withdraw Money Through E-wallet

Customers can easily withdraw money from the e-wallet to the bank account just by clicking the withdraw present in the digital wallet system.


Digital Wallet – Customer to Business

With the customer’s e-wallet app, one can transfer money, recharge, book tickets, pay bills, shop online, pay at stores directly from their smartphone instantly.

E-wallet Payment for Merchant

Pay your merchants instantly, just by scanning their QR Code via e-wallet solution. No more waiting and sitting tight for receipts as the digital payment system provides a detailed report in the form of receipts.


E-wallet for Events

Customers can book tickets for the events posted by the merchant via digital wallet application. Also, the customers can avail offers in the form of cashback or by discounts, when they buy or book for their favorites using e-wallet application.


Promote Your Business with E-wallet

To avail promotions in the digital wallet solution, customers just have to apply the promo code posted by the merchants and steal the deal via e-wallet application.


E-wallet for Rewards

Rewards are sponsored points offered to the e-wallet business consumers by local merchants in the form of incentives. e-wallet customers can make use of these reward points for their future purchases.


Make Life Easier With E-wallet


Pay via Digital Wallet

Pay Now option, is used to transfer the wallet money from one registered digital wallet customer to another, by providing the corresponding merchant’s e-wallet mobile number and the amount to be sent.


Requests Using E-wallet

Here, the customer can request money from the merchants, who are associated with the digital wallet by providing the corresponding merchant’s mobile number and its amount.


Recent E-wallet Transaction

A Complete and a detailed transaction reports of recently paid, received, top-up, and payment status of the e-wallet customers along with their profile details will be listed.


Nearby E-wallet Users

Nearby option in the e-wallet application is to list the shops and the agents who were available nearer to the customer by detecting the current GPS location followed by the route navigator option, to reach the agents.


Digital Wallet QR Code Scanner

E-wallet QR Code scanner is used to scan the barcode generated by the merchant to transfer money from the customer account to the merchant account for the items purchased from the merchant by the customer.


Mobile Wallet App Notification

Customers will get instant notifications on the wallet payment status, history, updates, offers and promotions on the e-wallet app, if any of the feeds have been posted by the merchant or admin.


My Digital Wallet

Customers can add money to the digital wallet using a card to proceed with transactions and also can withdraw the money using the mobile wallet app to their own bank account if needed.


E-wallet Money Request

R Pay Wallet, provides the end-user an option to confirm or reject the payment request sent by the other customers who are associated with our reliable and a seamless digital wallet solution.


E-wallet Event Booking

Completed and the upcoming events, engaged by the customer along with their profile details will be listed in the transaction history page of the digital e-wallet application.


E-wallet Beneficiary

My beneficiary option in the digital wallet app is to add the other users as their beneficiary or to remove from the beneficiary list if not needed.


My E-wallet Profile

Here, the customer digital wallet profile details get managed. Just the basic information of the customer can be updated as per their needs and also can manage the card & bank details.


Digital Wallet Settings

Customers can make changes on the mobile wallet application related settings such as feeds, events notifications (optional), change security PIN, password and etc...