Third Party Integration
A complete suite of well documented API's, SDK's, and plug-ins are available
in our digital payment solution platform.

SMS Integration

Our APIs can be directly integrated into e-wallet giving a direct interface that empowers you to naturally send and get SMS instant messages while outfitting the power of cloud.s

Payment Gateway Integration

Using this payment integration API customer of e- wallet will be able to top- up the amount in their wallet. Customers can also add money through agents by using the payment integration API.

Google API Integration

We provide Google API integration to power location experiences for your users. Google API gives accurate real- time information for mapping, navigation and places.

MailChimp Integration

We have MailChimp's API from the ground up to be simpler, more consistent, and truly restful. This is easier than ever to sync email activity with your database, link campaign stats to your database, and endpoints before pushing to production.

CDN Integration

We provide CDN integration that helps you to take images, logo, and icon from other servers.

Push Notifications

We provide notification and push APIs, which responds to push message events in the background and relays them to your application. A notification is a message that pops up on the user's device.