What do you get?
You can instantly start a mobile wallet that people can use to store money and transfer to others. They can use it to collect money in shops and pay for their daily needs like shopping, bill payment etc.
Customer Android & IOS App
Merchant Web & Android App
End-to-End Admin Panel
Rpay the app that combines mobile payment and exclusive benefits

Customers can load money into their account in a bounty of ways. Customers can also purchase movie tickets, pay bills, purchase goods offline provided the merchant has installed digital wallet. Impacting offer codes and coupon generations provided to attract more and more customers.

Rpay Features

Our Wallet is feature rich with easy to use interface and we have trained developers and designers, who are prepared to corporate to customer thoughts and push your business to the pinnacle.

Instant, hassle-free setup

Bank account can be linked with RPay. Instant, hassle- free, secure payments can be done directly from customer’s bank account 24/7 (Anytime, Anywhere).

Load, send & request money

Load, send and request money to and from anyone online or through your mobile device securely.

Pay merchants

Merchant can receive the amount from customer through QR code. Customer can scan the QR code to transfer money.

Withdraw cash

Consumers can send money directly to bank account and withdraw cash whenever required.

Buy tickets

Fast, one- click checkout process whenever customers want to book tickets for the show.

Instant notification

RPay customers will get instant notification if any feeds have been posted by the merchant or RPay admin.

Safe & secure

Mobile wallets are harder to steal or duplicate. Data is secured by using advanced technology methods.

Limited Liability

The liability of any misuse is solely yours, until you report the issue RPay. Block your card on the fly.

Developer Friendly API Documentation for Web and Mobile apps

Integrate quickly with the help of our comprehensive documentation. We provide plug-ins for all main Ecommerce platforms.


Technology Partnerships

  • If you have a thought or an idea on e-wallet technology yet without innovation, we will give you the technology platform on half offer premise. For more information, you may reach us
  • You can use our e-wallet software by becoming a technology partner if you do not wish to buy the software. Licensing and branding will be provided under your company’s name. For this, you just need to pay a setup fee. There is another option where you can use our technology team through partnership pattern.
  • We will hold a certain percentage of finances to provide and enhance future technology platform. We will set up a team in our company and they can work under your payroll meaning there is no outsourcing at all
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